Mining Rig Rentals Diff Settings

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If you use to rent hashing time / hash power on Bitcoin or altcoin mining rigs, you may encounter a rig or rental which does not specify the "diff" setting that you should use when mining Crypto Coins with their hardware. Not all mining pools allow you to specify the diff, however when using the miningrigrentals website it is highly recommended that you choose a pool that does allow you to manually specify the diff setting. If you do not follow the owner's specific instructions on setting the diff appropriately, part or all of your hash power may go to waste and you may not be able to recoup anything in the way of a refund or any of the time you rented. What should you do then, if you encounter a rental which does not have the recommended diff setting set for you? Below is a chart of diff settings straight from the administrators of the website with guidelines as to how you should generally set your diff unless otherwise specified!

I hope someone other than myself find this information useful!

scrypt Coins SHA-256 Coins
Hash Power diff Setting Hash Power diff Setting
< 250+ KH/s 16 < 250+ MH/s 1
250+ KH/s 32 500+ MH/s 2
500+ KH/s 64 1+ GH/s 4
1+ MH/s 128 10+ GH/s 16
2+ MH/s 256 30+ GH/s 32
3+ MH/s 384 60+ GH/s 64
4+ MH/s 512 125+ GH/s 128
10+ MH/s 1024 250+ GH/s 256
50+ MH/s 4096 500+ GH/s 512
100 MH/s 8192 1+ TH/s 1024
--- -- 10+ TH/s 8192
--- -- 50+ TH/s 65536
--- -- 100+ TH/s 131072

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